Friday, 18 February 2011

Kongkek Kongkek Kongkek.... Fuck Fuck Fuck

Sorry for the offensive title, but that's exactly what this article is about.
  1. Give them internet, they watch porn.
  2. Give them porn, they go rape daughter, rape granddaughter, rape niece, rape sister...
  3. Give them motorbike, they go rempit (illegal racing).
  4. Give them glue, they sniff it to get high.
  5. Give them cinemas, they grope each other.
  6. Give them cameras, they go skodeng (watch other couples fuck).
  7. Give them phones, they make video panas, video lucah (sex videos).
  8. Give them cough mixture, the fuck themselves by getting high on it.
  9. Give them flu medication, they also fuck themselves.
  10. Give them fireworks, they also fuck themselves with pipe bomb, home-made bombs, etc
  11. Give them spray paint, they fuck the neighborhood with badly drawn graffiti.
  12. Give them uniform, the fuck the law by collecting bribes.
  13. Give them emergency lane by road sides, they park their cars and fuck there.
  14. Give them parks, they fuck there.
  15. Give them beaches, they fuck there.
  16. Give them hotel rooms, they fuck there.
  17. Give them Valentine's Day, they fuck each other.
  18. Give them project, the fuck it up (ceiling collapse, building collapse, roof collapse, bridge collapse until pupils drown).
  19. Give them political power, they fuck other races (temple demolish, kuil demolish, kris-waving, deaths in custody)
  20. Give them forest, they fuck the virgin forest with logging
  21. Give them Opposition, they fuck the Opposition by Ops Lalang, sodomy cases, TBH...
  22. Give them votes, they fuck the rakyat by Barang Naik.
So, isn't this a fucked-up country? All they think of is fuck fuck fuck. But yet... they blame other cultures. How la?

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hamsapx2 said...

just discovered your blog. u r da man bro!
wonder why i neva came across your blog earlier. so much usefull info.