Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sri Hartamas B2B Naughty Massage

Last Tuesday, I went to Sri Hartamas after my meeting. Needed to relax after a long drive back from Hatyai, Thailand. I was wondering should I go to Hardwood or My Spa. My Spa has cute little nasi lemak girls, but the service and skills is lacking. Not cheap too. At last, I decided to go to look for Susan in Hardwood.

Despite not 'trying' Susan lately, her service is really outstanding - something that makes me remember it. What more can I say...

When I got there, wow - OKT has been changed. That's a bit of a shocker, considering my usual friendly OKT did not tell me about it. Apparently the old OKT was on the take, and the bosses decide to get rid of him...whatever that means.

The new OKT just started work. Haiz. Susan - got transferred to another branch in Solaris. Celaka. Since is was bloody jammed outside, I didn't want to drive. What to do? Select another one lor. The OKT recommended San San.

San San has big and fairly firm boobs. A few kilos too heavy. Over all, not bad at all la. She's younger than Susan. Her service was OK, I would say about 9 out of 10. It was fun, sensational and satisfying. She has really smooth skin too. Friendly attitude. Not bad at all, I would say.

On the way out, I saw a really pretty and sexy thing. She was fair, tall and slender, but not much boobs. Maybe I would try her the next time. San San? Well, I would rather try this slender and fair gal, and Susan. San San's good too, but there are other fishes to try.


Anonymous said...

where is hardwood, can u gimme details to

Anonymous said...

did u get the name of the tall girl u meet when u walk out?

Hamsap Goldfish said...

Please share with me where is Hardwood. I would really appreciate it. My email. Uforb@xxxxx.xxxxx


No - I didn't get the name of the tall girl. Anyway, that's a long time ago.

Where - behind souled out. Happy Hunting. PS: It has a very large sign board!

Anonymous said...

Hi i searched a lot , found my spa but not hardwood , is this infront of 7/11 or any other landmark

Anonymous said...

hi tried hard to find hard wood around souled out but couldnt!! instead could find my spa easily
could you guide a bit more?