Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ipoh Massage... more like a fuck shop.

It was a dark and stormy night. I was riding into Ipoh town, on a moonless Monday night. I was hungry and it wasn't only a hunger for food. I went to Jalan Yang Kalsom. Did see some action there before - ladyboys. But no one was to be seen. Maybe it was too early - I was there at about 8pm. Then again, it can be never too early for such pleasurable activities. I went to the bank to drop a cheque, and left.

Now that I am more focused on my other hunger - I went to look for some good food. Saw some ladies by the street while driving past KFC in town - but alas, nothing worth it. More over, I am unsure of the quality.

First stop - Lotte Hotel. Celaka. The hawker centre there is closed for good. Next stop, the fellow also closed. Drove past Sam Tet school - the hawker stalls were also closed. Went to a medan selera in Ipoh garden - celaka - my favourite stall was also closed. With not much luck - I decided to eat something, went home and showered. Bugger.

But I could not sleep. Was still looking for a place with massage and perhaps, something extra. started to read about blogs - and yeah - everyone said Jessica. Mind you, that's a name of the place. I have searched for the place many times - to no avail. It's easy enough - it's opposite the Store.

What the buggers didn't tell me is, it's not the Store in Ipoh town centre. It's The Store in Jalan Ipoh. Got out of my house and went to look for The Store in Jalan Kampar. Found it! It's Jessica Health Centre. Off I went...and found out - shit. It's a fuck shop, no massage. It's cheap enough. RM 90 but only for 30 mins. Straight fuck - shower, blowjob (BJ), handjob (HJ) and some gals fuck job (FJ). Not many girls around - perhaps they were busy working. It's very late anyway - so they could have knocked-off from work.

Here I am thinking - what the fuck. I never like to rush things - 30 mins - what can be done? Might as well masturbate at home. BTW - the place is really old. If one wonders how a old prostitution dent looks like - this would be it. I am guessing it is at least 30 years (the deco). Gosh.

So - next mission - get a fuck buddy in Ipoh. I thinka FUBU is heaps better :)

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Suruh isap puki la bro